Utah+Provo+bliss. | LOVELY LITTLE RANTS


I'm moving to Utah! yayaya!
From Idaho to Arizona for 2 weeks to Provo Utah.
Life is oh so good.
Top ten reasons to be excited about:
1.Longboarding the Provo Canyon
[nuff' said]

2. Attractive  BYU attendees living 5 feet away
[again nuff said]

3. Playing with cuzzy Brittany all day long
[ :) :) :) ]

4. Sun sun sun. SUN
[So ready for some heat after living in snow]

5. Car=exploring=bliss

6. Bubble Bobble 

7. New people new friends more happiness

8. Jobby! 
[hey I like to work. Call me kuh-razy]

9. Swimming every second I so please.

10. Provo in the summer= carefree 

Oh, one more thing. CALI VISITS FROM KAESI.
[That is the best thing.]

I know, I know, that is 11 things. Welp, get used to it. 
p.s. pretend I'm funny.


  1. Don't forget Ali visits because i AM coming to see you so i can have fun too!

  2. how exciting and having attractive BYU attendees so close sounds like a legit reason to me, if I was single that is hehehe

  3. A) I can't wait to play every day!
    B) Josh and I were just talking about you guys and bubble bobble! hahah like literally just last week!
    C) I love your guts!
    D) Hurry up and get up here already :D

  4. love the list. espacially the last one. aka me. oooooh how i miss you already. wish you were here with me :) love you

  5. How awesome!! I heart Provo!!! <3


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