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Baby, it's love.

Here's a love post:

All week is full of play, swimming, school, work, etc but Sunday's are a lovely day reserved
to remember my Father in heaven, why I am here, go to church, have family
dinners, rest, and forget my worries and know that I can do anything
with my knowledge of the Gospel.

The Lord my God.
He loves me unconditionally,  never judges me, softens my heart, helps me 
love one another, learn from my mistakes, forgives me, answers my prayers. I love knowing
that I have a Father in heaven that I will return to someday. I love
knowing I can pray about anything on my mind and He will answer it.
I love being able to be apart of His gospel and His works.
It brings me such comfort to know that He is always there.
He will never tempt me above my abilities, he gives me trials so that I 
might grow and become like Him. Nothing will happen today that the Lord and I 
can't handle. 

The people in my life.
Weather they be good or bad, I learn from each one of them.
I believe everything happens for a reason and that I am expected to 
learn from each and every happening. The people
you surround yourself with is the person you become. I've seen
people grow and people fall and I am thankful to be blessed to be
surrounded by good and uplifting people.

Things have been put into my life lately that I have chosen to grow from.
I am grateful for my trials and triumphs.
I am grateful for the life I have.
I am grateful for my many blessings.
It's a lovely Sunday today, with dew dripping from the leaves
and rain sprinkling the world with moisture.
Happy Sunday.

I love this song. It reminds me of His love for us.


  1. candace, you are so great! i loooooooveeee yooouuu! and i love that song fyi.

  2. AMEN sista!

    love that heart picture at the top.


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