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Cali-for-nia [story time]

So like I said, this trip was on a whim.
Britt and I decided we wanted to go to Cali and 3 hours later we
had our hotel booked, people ready to come, and were on the road.

Since I know .5 people in Utah, I asked everyone of them + every boy that walked through the door that night.


"uhh hey, I know we just met," literally them walking through the door and us meeting eyes = first time meeting, "but uhh what're you doing the next few days? Wanna come to Cali with me and some kiddos tonight to Thursday??"

They probably all think I'm a freak. But people who go to Cali on a whim=not freaks.

Anyways, we [aka Me Britt Kim Ryan and Nate] drove through the night and made a pit stop at Micky D's for some food.
The lady was very cranky. I can't blame her. She works graveyard shift at McDonalds. I'd be very cranky, too.

We got to Kim's. at like 7 or 8 or 9 am.
I was so tired I couldn't really tell ya! We stopped at Kim's house because she is actually from Cali
and we ate breakfast and took a break from driving.
We looked up our hotel. uhh most of the reviews looked like this:

hahahah k I know that sounds so bad
but it's actually so funny.
We should have actually looked at reviews before booking.
Our hotel wasn't even bad though, those people must have had terrible rooms?

We met Kaesi and baby at the Getty Museum aka lots of really cool art and pretty scenery.

awkward family photo.
 Kaes. Candy. Britt. Baby Leah. Nate. Ryan

After the Getty we met up with one of Kaesi's friends who works at the Sony Picture Entertainment place and she invited us to have lunch there.

clearly, everyone is dressed in suits.
I was in some traveling clothes: gym shorts, weird comfy shirt, messy hair/makeup.
totes cute.
Apparently famous peeps walk around and lots of cool stuff was filmed there.
I felt cool.
We went in Sony and explored some cool displays as swell

Kaes went home for a hot second and dropped off baby.
Britt's car was in dire need of new tires so obv we got new tires.
We walked around LA while we were waiting and took pictures.

 Oh p.s. Ryan and I got engaged. Second day of meeting and I just knew

 Saddly, Britt and I took an engagement shot and Ry got jealous, so we broke it off.

After, we went back to the hotel and Kaes came over and her Ryan and I jumped into the freezing cold pool
Ryan: [jumps in] come on guys it's not even bad!
we jump in. it's freezing
Ryan: I only said that so you guys would jump in because I had to jump it.
thanks, Ry! haha sike.

Here is a hotel tour to please your eyes:
this was taken on day two, though after the beach, mind you.

When we checked in, we were walking to our room and the attendant lady comes out screaming at us
"Da pillah! Da tree Pillah! Go true da tree pillah entrance!"
she was very concerned with how we entered apparently. 
Needless to say, that was the only time we used the three pillar entrance
because it took longer to get to our room then every other entrance.

Then we got all showered and what not and got ready to go to the Dodgers game.
Don't ask me who they played. I have no clue.

We had super close seats and David Archuleta sang the national anthem.
I'm not even a D archuleta fan but Kaes and I were convinced we'd meet him if we went to the bottom floor and searched.
We never made it to the bottom due to silly security and we almost didn't get let back into the game
because apparently there is no re-admittance.
so silly!
After the game everyone was: tired, cranky, easily annoyed, living on 3 hours of sleep, etc.
We went to a grocery store and all bought our choice of food and went home.
Slept till forever then hit the beach!
Kaesi and Baby met us there.

Manhattan beach=the best.
Ry and Nate got 100% red. 
poor babies.
Later that day, we wanted to check out the Santa Monica Pier.
so we did.

It was dah bay-est trip ever.
We ate at some delish Italian place after and our food only
took 1 hour to get to us! haha :)
Next day we just drove home.
Well, I'm going to go catch up on sleep.


  1. it was only like 12 hours ya goon!

  2. haha jk :) such a fun trip!!!

  3. looks so fun & i love the beach pictures!

  4. Jealous. And the photos are goooooorgeous. Wow. I want to go to Cali sooo bad. How fun.

  5. so glad you guys came. made my WHOLE life!

  6. GOOD-ness! how did you meet Ryan!? :D

    he and I were co-counselors together at EFY last summer.

    i bet ya'll had a blast! Ryan is a ton of fun!

    p.s. im loving that spontaneity of this cali trip of yours...i did it last fall. those kind of trips always make the best memories!

    p.p.s let's do lunch soon!

    loves! -Celeste

    AlphabetSoup Style

  7. i'm pretty sure your family has the most incredible genes in the world. every single one of you is attractive. well, all the ones i've seen anyway haha. i wish i was cool enough to randomly go to cali.


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