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Bonfire: awkward.

Some background:
Yesterday Stacy, Jessica, [roomies!] and I decided to get the mail
Our goal was to go outside and meet friends while get collected our mail
10 steps out the door and these hombres come up to us asking if we have bread.
We did have bread. So we gave it to them and they invited us to join them
for hotdogs on the grill.
We did.
We all chatted and giggled and they invited us to go to a bonfire that night.
Invitation: accepted.
The bonfire:
Maybe 15 other kids we didn't know.
3 pairs of showy couples
1 other girl
and the rest boys.
We made hot dogs, s'mores, drank propels. the works.
Couple #1 sat in a far corner, girl on lap, blanket covering them.
They were soooooooooo awkward.
Girl kept rubbing boys head
Boy kept whispering sweet nothings in girls ear.
The other girl was looking for a seat.
Naurally, she took the seat of a boys lap. 
They just met, so I kept catching bits of their "get to know you"
awkward conversation.

Her: So you really used to live in a bathroom?!
Boy: yeah, I did.
Her: wow I would be peeing like all the time!
[very romantic way to lure him in]

Him: so, have you heard of the Mayans...?"
[I sure hope she has, those little rascals predicted the world ending next year]

There was more playful banter but I didn't distract myself with it.

So awkward couple #1, right? Keep doing the rub thing. 
Never say a word to anyone else.
I look up and they're in a full on  mack.
I caught it as they were finishing up.
They pull away and just smile/stare at each other
I pretty much threw up.
PDA is not cool.

Other than those occurrences,
it was a pretty fun night.
The boys we went with told lots of scary stories of the canyon.
And it was great.
The end.


  1. Hahahah. So funny and awkward. Gaggg get out, lovebirds.

  2. You definitely should be friends with the girl who would pee constantly if she was always in a bathroom.

  3. hahahahahh candace whyyyy didn't this happen when i was visiting?! i would have loved to be there.

  4. definitely awkward! ha

  5. Why did that guy live in a bathroom? sad. And what a weird response- "if I lived in a bathroom I would be peeing constantly" What?. Sounds like a strange night Candace, Strange.
    But by the way, I am in love with your new header!


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