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Letters to life

Dear Arizona,
I miss you SO much! I took you for granted and now I'm stuck in Utah until August

Dear everyone at King Henry,
Yes, the boys all have 6 packs
Yes, they're all tan
But really?
Running around all day without a shirt on is a little much
especially when it's raining.

Dear jobs,
[that I don't have] Do me a favor and hire me, will ya!?

Dear Utah,
this one's for you:

why didn't I watch this before it was too late?


  1. hey candy, you are great. i believe in you! utah ain't so bad. actually its great. LOVE YOU

  2. i hate utah as well. it is probably my least favorite state (people wise) And I have been to about 30 states!

    hopefully august comes soon!

  3. love your videos, pics and posts:):) be here often!! it is nice to get to know smb from the other part of world!:) of course, I follow u!!:***

  4. Well I have never been to Utah, but it is a cute video :) Hope you get to Arizona!


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