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Love of my life.

I am in deep deprivation mode.
Right about now I would do anything for some Costa Vida.
If you haven't been there before you're
A. deprived
B. crazy
C. have no taste
D. need to go right now. with me. obvvv.
E. are missing out on the good things in life.
If anyone feels so inclined to bring it to me in the next 24 hours
we will most likely be the best of friends.
Or I can go get it by myself like a normal person would.
Either one works, really.
I'm just having crazy costa cravings like some prego woman or something.
I need to eat a sweet pork burrito or sweet pork quesidilla and ay-sap.
K enough chit chat, more costa eating.


  1. Oh that looks really good. Need. Mexican. In. My. Belly. NOW.

  2. Pick me!! Let's go get it in between everything else we are doing today :)

  3. ok this is cruel there is no costa vida in NC :(

  4. I love mexican. Numm. Ok thanks so much for making me really hungry.


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