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My life be like

a Taylor swift song.
Hate to love her.
naw, that's actually a fib.
but really, I'm a total T-swift fan.
It's probably creepy.
but don't care!
This song describes my life right now.
Utah has 2% good.
the other 98% needs to improve and ay-sap.

In other news, Britt and I are making salsa.
Kaesi is making skype salsa.

I can't handle the onions. They make me sob
we're making this salsa, if you're curious.


  1. love tshift too.
    you and kaes are cuties.

  2. i dunno jenna, but i like her. and youre not too shabby too. cant wait till i can be in your presence and go to the store with you unlike someone else we both know..

  3. your blog is so cute, had to follow :)

  4. I LOVE THIS SONG. It was my ringtone for a while. And you thought you were a creepy T Swift fan... :) Well you ain't alone haha.
    I love salsa, but I hate chopping onions. I do it so fast I'm lucky I still have fingers.

  5. Aw that last photo is awesome. So smart too! I think i should use one of those. I cant handle onions either!

    :) x

  6. Can't say I'm a TSwift fan but I super duper love White Horse. That was a great song. :)

    And I used to hate chopping onion too but for me,I found that washing the onion and chopping it wet kinda diffuses the cry-factor. I don't know if it works for other people but I haven't cried over onion in a while haha


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