Smile for me.

This is what I've been looking like:

This is what I need to start looking like:
K, it's happy time.
No more Utah bashing
No more negative thoughts
No more silly tears
It's time to smile and look at the good.

The Good
+I get to see my extended family everyday up here
+Though it's raining, it smells lovely outside
+Everyone at King Henry is friendly, tool or non tool
+My ward is so loving
+My roommates are so inclusive and nice
+Kaesi comes home in a month!
+The sun keeps making gold star appearances
+My car is so reliable
+I'm learning to be a more defensive driver haha :)
+There are beautiful tulips EVERYWHERE
+My hair is growing
+I get to take Jack to the MTC next week!
ahhhhh! he's the best!
+Josh and I made it to level 100 in bubble bobble and almost beat it in the early hours of the morning
Who needs sleep, anyways, right?
bubble bobble is also mentioned here and here
+and I've had so many blessings I need to remember

K, there's your dose of happy for the day.
I'm gunna go eat a bowl of rainbows and smiley faces.


  1. hahaha i love the "tools or non tools" line. it takes a little while, but provo will grow on you. once the sunshine is here for good things will definitely be near perfection.

  2. Aw I hate not being happy. :( Chin up, you'll get to go back to the place you love soon. :) Love how positive you are!

  3. Thanks for visiting me and commenting! I had to laugh at the rice krispie treats - such sophisticated tastes we have! I like your post about things to be happy about. I think reminding ourselves of the good helps make the bad seem a little less bad. I'm on to read what you believe next!


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