So I'm trying to make a tough decision.
I was offered a nanny job in Cali, they live in Ladera Ranch in OC.
Yesterday I thought I knew I should just stay in UT
But today I have 98765 thoughts on what I should do.
So I'm asking for some advise.

+I'd love to nanny!
+It's a new experience
+I'd learn a lot about kids which is great for future mothering
+guaranteed job making a pretty penny
+I'd get to know new people
+Cali boys > Utah boys
+free rent

+Putting off school for a whole year
+I'll be friendless for a while, no bueno
+I'm scared to move away from Utah because I have fam & friends here
+It's scary committing myself to a job I'm not sure I'll mesh well with
+If I hate it I might be stuck

Best that could happen: I'll love it there and be the coolest kid in town.
Worst that could happen: No one will like me and baby will hate me.

Now spill your thoughts, will ya? 
I'm dyin here!


  1. I'd take it. You only get these opportunities once in a lifetime, and trust me. There's no better place to nanny than SoCal (my sister used to live there and I watched her beebs for her all the time).

  2. um ok first off. cali boys<utah boys. i can tell you that for a fact. aand... cali isnt cool. so yeah, i would recomment not. okay thats all i have.

  3. I assume everyone is going to tell you to do it- so I am here to represent the other opinion. It kinda sucks to get behind in school, and is really hard to go back once you've left. Just a thought.

  4. Why don't you convince Kaes to stay in Cali and you go to Cali and you can be money making nannies together???

  5. oh man! I would take it too if I were you! There is only a short time in one's life where you aren't tied down so to speak. You can go as you please and don't have to think about anyone but your self. Go for it... a new adventure! P.S. babies love every one! ;)

  6. You should absolutely go! You will grow so much as a person and be stronger because of it. You can always go back to UT :)

  7. I concur. California > Utah any day of the week. I think I would take it-- first of all, a year isn't that long. If you absolutely hated the job, then you'd cross that bridge when you got to it. But nanny jobs probably pay pretty well, especially in Orange County, and I think that for me I would take it in a heartbeat. :) Good luck!

  8. I live in California and I love it! It'll be a new experience as well. I know it might be a scary thought about moving to a new place and experiencing everything alone but think about how much you'd learn from it! You have the chance to go, take it!:)

    unless you wanna stay on teh safe side:)

  9. Pshh is that even a question?! Cali alll the way. But of course, this is coming from a person who is not exactly a fan of Utah ha.

  10. WOW! Makes me nervous just thinking about it...I don't know! Just do it..You're young...Bite the bullet!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  11. Nanny? For reals? I'd go for it! Well if everything seems to be pointing towards it. :)


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