Warning: please read disclaimer. | LOVELY LITTLE RANTS

Warning: please read disclaimer.

Disclaimer: if you're from Utah and get offended easily, close this window and go facebook-stalking.
Yes, it is a verb now.

Today I made a decision that everyone in Utah sucks.
Well... not everyone.
Just lots of people up here=suck material.
This morning, I was getting off the freeway and signaling to turn left
Since there is nonstop construction some dumb construction worker comes up to my window
in a big huff and says "next time look both ways when there's construction like this"
A. I looked both ways B. He is crazy and C. all he's getting paid to do is stand there
and hold a stop sign. I bet that took years of college to achieve.
Incident number 2.
I was parking in visitor parking at some place that was next-door to my destination.
I get out, walk away from car and begin to hear some lady screaming
top.of.her.lungs. Really?
So I turn and she's all huffy and says
"This is for OUR visitor parking only. Move your car"
Okay, thank you lady for yelling so the whole Utah Valley awoke,
I understand I made a mistake, but I'm new to this state.
No need to yell. Try being polite.
Other than today, billions of cars have cut me off.
Literally, I'm going like 40 and cars think I like to slam on my brakes
as they cut through my lane of travel.
I just gotta get used to this Utah land. 
I like it but it is NO Arizona.
In other news,
I've been listening to this song non-stop on repeat all week.
I love it. K readyy settt listen!


  1. SUCKY. What is wrong with some people? I'm glad Minnesota isn't like that (getting cut off all the time in the twin cities). Or I'd have a heart attack.

  2. Boo to rude people! I don't understand how someone can yell at another person about such trivial things in life! I'm gonna start handing out chill pills:-) xoxo

  3. drivers around me suck as well!
    i thought my state was pretty good until recently.

    i have had so many people,
    1. when i am driving like 50 and going through a clearly green light and someone on the red side waiting to turn, decides it is okay so to turn (the side where it is legal to turn at a red) anyways turn like RIGHT in front of me so i either have to slam on my breaks or swerve over like a crazy person.

    or 2. when i am at a stop sign, turning left and it is a busy intersection so sometimes i have to wait like 5 minutes before there is a break from traffic both ways, but 5 minutes after i am there someone comes on the other side at the other stop sign waiting to go straight and when there is finally a break i have the right away so i start turning and they decide they can go straight even though they clearly could see for a mile that i have been there!


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