So I used to use boondocks as a word that meant you live way too far away for anything to matter.
[ex: Phoenix?You live in the boondocks, brahhhh!]
But apparently, in Utah, it's a place of joy.
And if I'm in Utah, I'd love to live in/at the boondocks.
Uncle Neil's [aka the father of Kaesi and Britt]
work party was being held at boondocks yesterday
 Britt, Me, Tanner [aka Tannie]
Aunt Kristi and Uncle Neil

Luckily, the place was packed with tons of kids!
All of which were >5 years old.

So cool. 
We met so many new friends!
but for real, it was actually really really really [etc] fun.
We all:
+ rode the race carts like 12 times each [minus 10]

and thank goodness for my recent Mario Cart playing, it really helped
me beat everyone at real life go carting.
[besides race 1 because my cart just happened to be the slowest aka not even fair.]
I kept throwing Red Shells at Britt, she totes hated it.

+got soaked on the bumper boats.

+Britt and I played the ddr game like 99 times.
ps not an exaggeration

+mini golfing

+lazer tagging

+all you can eat food just sitting there, of course waiting to be eaten.

+and one of those bouncy things that I'm pretty sure was meant for the youngins.
Not me and Britt.
Did we care?

Conclusion: boondocks= very fun.
Take everyone you know. They will love you.


  1. I went there for my first time a couple weeks ago, but we just did mini golf. It was super fun. I want to gp back!

  2. Who says bouncy slides/castles are just for kids? We must destroy this rule! haha

    Looks like a fun time! I should start saying "boondocks" instead of "B.F.E." which has a not-so-nice word in it :O


  3. Boondocks is totally a place of joy! I freakin love that place!


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