Everyday life

Here is my life/weekday schedule:
1. Wake up
2. try to look deece after a long nights rest
3. go to pool
4. sit there like a freak trying not to look like this what I do daily
because it is.
5. come back in after who knows how long
6. shower and once again, attempt decency
7. glance at online class 
obviously just glance and then procrastinate it for a few more days
9. skype/call/facebook Kaesi
10. Call Britt to play cause she's usually home from work at this time.

Repeat daily and sometimes, if I'm supes lucky, work will have me scheduled.
And sometimes, I'll attempt a death run up the hill.
usually right when I start regret engulfs my body.
but it's always too late to turn around.
It's the life, peeps. 
Well, sometimes.
After 6 weeks, it might be getting a little old.
but it's still got some pizzaz, don't you worry.

**announcement**Kaes comes home soon, 
SO my schedule will just be this
1.wake up
2.play with Kaes all day.
3. call Britt when she's done slaving away at work. obvvvv



  1. i love this schedule more than anything! :D

  2. i love it even mooore! 22 days baby! SO EXCITED. loove you.


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