I love food.

So today is Fast Sunday.
Yes, my tummy was yelling at me all day
Yes, I was secretly having a food affair with my mind. But don't worry, I didn't eat a thing.
(ps did that even make sense??)
BUT churchy church is hosting a blessed break the fast today at 4in the PM!
aka free food.
aka fresh delish food
tummy will be thanking me
I will probably over eat
[and when I say probably, I mean guaranteed]
and everyone will probably get me mistaken for a pig
but guess who doesn't care?
I don't! Because when I'm starving, I'm cranky
and that just is no good.

Here's a Sunday song to soothe your weekday stresses.
The gospel is a lovely thing and I am so blessed to be apart of it!
I am in absolute love with this song
Peace swims through my body whenever I hear this serene piece of beauty.

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  1. excellent song! i love mindy but hadn't heard that one. i think a part of me died a little with that sentence...


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