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lunchy brunchy thingy

So Celeste from Alphabet Soup and I met up and ate some delish Costa Vida.
Costa Vida+ blogger meet up= happy Candace.
A. She's ah-dorbes.
B. Please take this moment to be jealous
C. She's moving to the apartments that I LIVE in in like 20 days. 
play time=all the time.
D. I realized I like to make abc lists. It's kind of catchy doncha think?

Anyways, we chit chatted about all sorts of magical things.
From why we blog in the first place to boys to life in general.
This chic is one cool blogger!
Go look at her blog, kiddies!
K, that's all. I just wanted to brag.
So this is me bragging.
brag brag brag brag.
K, it's out.

p.s. head on over to the Peace Republic Clothing blog.
You're in for a treat.


  1. woah woah, is she shorter than you?

  2. bahahaha these pictures make me smile.

    p.s. you're tan! or im sickly white... i like the first better. yes we'll stick with that!

    and kaes ^ she's gotta point....r u taller? gosh haha now i can't remember.



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