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Miniature Tigers

I forgot all about the Miniature Tigers!!
I love these guys.
They sang my summer away last year.

Trusty ole' itunes shuffle refreshed my mini tiger lovin.
Craigee and I used to listen to it on our way to lifeguard :) 
awww! I miss my Craigee!
p.s. for everyone who hasn't a clue, Craig is my twin brother who is serving
an LDS mission down in Tennessee. 
He's dahhh best!
If you're dying to send him a letter,
you just let me know and I'll hook a sistah upppp with this kiddo's address!
Check out the cuteness:


  1. You two are seriously so cute!!

  2. Miniature Tigers is so great! I went to one of their shows cause I know one of the guitarists, Alex Gerber. That makes me so happy that you know who they are!

  3. haha you two are TOO cute!

    p.s. so i've been looking everywhere for that blogging thing i told you came up in my feed one day...i could of sworn

    maybe im a lil nutso and imagined it?

    p.p.s. 12 DAYS!! haha and we still don't know which apt, we keep forgetting to call and ask

    love ya girly!

    AlphabetSoup Style

  4. I saw Miniature Tigers play I think it was 2 years ago with Ben Folds- LOVE THEM!



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