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Nanny schmanny

Hey, so there I was earlier this week,
when I got an email from some peeps I had discussed nannying with a few weeks ago
and they were like "Yo, our current lady isn't working out, wanna be our nanny?"
I totes said yes.
+full time
+one little super well behaved boy. srsly, he's perfect.
+they eat organic so me=health kick, babes
+I'm makin mon-ay
+ plus they have a schnazy office basement that I get to help with.

I feel like I am the nanny/mother's helper/ personal assistant.
'spretty fun!

The other day, baby [who is actually a toddler but I'm saying baby from here on]
and I went on an adventure.
Went to the Provo beach resort to play on this huge play-place thing
he made me follow him up the 100 ft tall playground to go on a 100ft long slide at least 58 times.
it was fun BUT every time, he made me squish through this:

after our slide adventure, we went on the carousel.
I sat on a horse right next to him the first time
Then I noticed all the other mama's were just watching their kiddos from the side.
so I just stood next to him on round two and convinced baby that he was loving every second
of this.
He was.

After 2 hours of bliss,
we went home for lunch.
his mama was feelin sammiches so she sent me to Subway.
"you can get whatever you want, too!"- mama
you don't have to tell me twice!
I got a foot long.
ate the whole thing.
Sah good.

After lunch, it was ET time.
baby likes ET so we watched like 25% of the movie becauseeeee
2:00- 2:30ish=nap time!
So baby was put to bed and I was asked to cut up 98776
different types of veggies for their veggie soup.
Getting paid to cut veggies?
EZ stuff, man.

Anyways, our days consist of stuff like this pretty much.
It goes by speedy quick and baby is fun to play with.
You probably pretty much feel like you were there.
Fun, huh?
K well, that is all.

*this posts photos brought to you by my cell phone.


  1. Funn shtuff! I have been asked to nanny this summer too. I think I will do it. It's four kiddos. Hmmmm. :)

  2. I say ride the carousal anyway. hahah. its more fun.

  3. No more Brick Oven eh? Are you still in UT? Being a nanny looks like a pretty sweet deal

  4. Sounds like a fun job. And I would've gotten on the carousel too.


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