Oopsie Daisy!

Today's activities:
wake up
not even attempt to look cute
[cause I don't care if the parents think I'm buck ugly]
go to nanny people's house
do slave work
ie: clean sink full of dishes that were clearly from the weekend,
sweep floor, wipe down miles of countertop, ect
all while making baby his daily dose of oatmeal.
convince baby he wants to go to "big park" today
aka King Henry lawn
tell mom we're going to big park
go to big park
entertain baby with mario cart for like 5 seconds before he got bored
kick a ball
have baby chase me around a tree 99 times
go to pool to do this:

go home for lunch
fill up baby pool
after pool is full and baby throws in all 9876 toys,
he doesn't want to swim.

so then it's toy time, we played a game he made up called "oopsie daisy!"
here's how you play,

you put him on the top bunk of the bunk beds, give him alll his thousands of soft toys
aka stuffed animals
thennn he throws every single one down at you, calling out "oopsie daisy!!!" each time
as if it were some freak accident mistake.
But it never is.
then it was nap time and that was my que to go!
After nanny job was done, Britt and I hiked the Y
at 3 in the afternoon
A. peak heat weather of the day. bad idea
B. we went half way then gave up and hiked back down
C. every step was another step that I wanted to die because it 
was SO hot.
But, that's the only reason it was bad
we're totes going later this week at a darker hour of the day
And it's freedom week at King Henry [apartments not castle]
where everyone is on a team and we play games

Anyways, this post is so random, but there you have it.
Time to go sleep like a rock, wake up, and replay this whole day over again!


  1. 115 today in AZ. I'm jealous you got to go on half a hike. Let's play. Like in a month. Coo??

  2. So cute! And I love hiking out west. :)


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