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Peace Republic Clothing steal, anyone?

Hey! So today I decided to experiment with some colors.
Here's what became born:

the Summer blossom

as you can see, it's a clip! So you can attach it to a headband if you want to.
Check it out at my etsy shop here [click]

andddd enter code Junelove at checkout for 25% off
[this code goes for every accessory]
Also, I made a simple headband
Chic and simple!
aka the definition of summer
check that one out here!



  1. thanks for stopping by my thriftalicious blog. although... i don't blog on there anymore.

    but you can catch my updates @

    CUTE etsy shop too!

  2. These are super adorable! What a cute shop you have :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Let me know if you try any exciting toppings on your pizza!



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