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20 years old, still not wiser.

So this weekend was my b-day.
and when I say weekend, I mean Sunday
On Saturday, I invited some kiddos over to eat up brownies and ice cream
guaranteed 95% of them came for the food.
like how I've been to like 12 receptions up here, I've maybe known 2 of the couples. maybe.
the rest, I go for the food.
we all do it, so my b-day get together is no exception
I would have come for the food, too!

But at least I knew everyone who came
with the exception of like 5 peeps.
It was really fun!
My roommates were supes sweet and did some cute decorating :)
Anyways, for some reason, when everyone sang to me
I got all giddy and happy.
So I looked like a freak
BUT I enjoyed every single second of it.
Later that night,
peeps from my ward + Kaesi (who is pretty much in my ward)
went and ate at ihop
Dave, Trent, Tim, and Rondo decided to
drink syrup.
and hot sauce.
and sugar.
lots and lots of sugar packets.
They went wild. 
Check them out:

We played a few raging rounds of telephone while we waited for our food.
Somehow, whenever Tim got it, the message changed 100%
usually having to do with having the meat sweats.
How do you get the meat sweats?
You eat tons and tons of meat, so much that you sweat.
Thank you Tim (not really)
Anyways, at midnight, everyone sang again!
And once again, I got all happy and giddy
resulting in looking like a freak.
But it was worth it :)
Sunday rolled around
and my home teachers made me a cake and brought ice cream
SO delish
SO nice
It really meant a lot to me 
they= sweetie pies.
p.s. they MADE those candles. Right? talent.

That night I went and celebrated with my Family!
They were so sweet and nice and I am so grateful to have them!!
We ate burgers, played some catch phrase, heated up the ole' record player
and danced around, and ended it with my favorite, Cherry pie,
They sang to me twice!
once again, happy/giddy me.
it was great :)
AND we all sang for Craig, my cute adorable twin
who is serving his mission in Tennessee!


I was nervous for this birthday
because it's my first 
A. without my TWIN
and B without my mama and dad and brotheys!
But everyone was SO nice and SO great
I am so grateful for the friendships I have up here
the thoughtfulness of people
and of course, my family for making sure I had a happy happy birthday 

I know you can't read this right now but,
You are my best friend in the whole wide world, I love you SO much
I miss you more and more every second haha and I cannot WAIT for you to get home
so we can have more twin talks©
and laugh at everything that isn't even funny
and be twins
and listen to Taylor swift
and Dixie Chicks
and make fun of the weird things that people do on facebook
and come up with weird pet names for each other
and have people ask if we're identical and give them weird looks
and love our lives!
it'll be great.
One more bday till you're home
can't wait, babyboo!


  1. Happy belated birthday girlfraaan :) I'm glad you had such an awesome day, and I hope your brother enjoyed his in TN!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA those barney/baby bop costumes are to DIE for.

  3. happy belated birfday!! :D it sounds like you had a great one!

    hope to do 2sday Tuesdays with you again soon! love you girly!

    AlphabetSoup Style

  4. Cute Birthday pictures! I wish I could have wished you happy birthday in person lady!


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