2sday, yo!

Hey dudes,
We took moe fashion pickies and it's 2sday once again.
In case that makes 0 sense/since/cents [can't spell]

it's 2sday because there's:
A. 2 of us bloggers getting all hip+ it's tuesday 

B. I can't think of a B but I found it necessary because I put an A
Gander that one.

p.s. this next photo wins the awkward wannabecute-pose award.
everybody please give me a curtesy laugh.
I appreciate it.

 what is my hand even doing? come awn, hand.

shirt: H&M lacy tank: f21 shorts: f21 watch: Nixon

Don't be shy, link it uh-uh-up!
Take some pickies of yourself
and blog about it
We all know ya wanna :)


  1. You are so cute! (: Wish i had someone to take photos of me today but everyones busy. Maybe link up next time. xx


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