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Brick Oven lovin'

So I'm doing server training this week at Brick Oven!
We got to try every single drink yesterday.
aka 10 bathroom trips in like 4 hours.
give or take.
Anyways, I had to follow around a real live server and see how she works
and she asked me if I felt okay bringing peeps their drinks.
I thought I did.
But when I got there, I magically managed to tip over a coke
and spill it on this sweet lady.
She was really nice about it while I spit out "i'm sorry" 99 times straight
then I ran away and avoided that table.

It was awesome. 
The end!


  1. that picture is far too fancy for brick oven.

  2. Woohoo!! You spilled -so now you're official!!! P.S we're coming in like 2.5 weeeeeeeks!

  3. I feel like that I would spill stuff on people all the time if I were a waitress. Thus, I fold clothes instead.


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