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I need your help, pwease

I keep thinking about cutting my hair shawty short again.
I know I have extensions BUT if I cut it short, they would be gone in a hot sec


I made a poll to make it supes easy/convenient for ya if you don't wanna comment

Should I cut it?!


  1. Here's the dealio kid. I'm over here lol-ing cuz what was it, just a few months ago you were coveting my long hurr and all sorts of cranky with yourself cuz you cut yours off!! Hahahahah A.D.D. much?? Anywhoo....I loveeeee your hair long.. but I too have my times where I want mine short. Buttt..you could cut it and then you could have it short sometimes but just put the extensions on days you need your long hair fix (that is if your extensions are the kind I'm thinking of, in that case they'd be more like a weave??) Nvm that.
    Orrrr you could not cut it but just do a faux bob to get the short hair effect....decisions, decisions.....nbd.
    May I ask why you want it short again so bad?

  2. I am trying to grow mine out and wish I had long hair like you! Dannng just keep it. Hmm I just don't know. :)


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