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The Official Lust List 2011

My Lust List for a possible upcoming birthday
[but seriously, July 24th peeps.]

1. This Longboard. 

 or these

3. any of these colors

any/all of these :)

4. I dunno what I love so much about this but, this

Anddd #5:
I have to eat at costa vida or the cheesecake factory
So good. 
My faves.
I'm going there even if I have to go alone. 

Well, I think 5 is good. 
If I were to put a six, I'd wish to be home in Arizona for my birthday
with my Twin brother 
[who is on a mission in Tennessee, currently]
and my Camaron and Andrea and mama and dad
That would probs be ideal
BUT being in Utah will be fun, too I think.
welp, there it is.
11 days!


  1. I have the glitter TOMS and I'm so in love with them still. Best b/day gift evaa. :)

  2. SO I have a cute longboard thats begging to be used but I dont anymore and hardly ever did... its a chixystick and its pink and white striped if you want it for a SMALL price... its not that one but hey it is cool!

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