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some inspiration

So I fianally joined the world and got myself an itouch
now, I don't have an excuse not to run because
 I would tell myself, Candy-wandy you have to have music while you run
myth busted: false
truth: I'm just lazy
but I now have music to ease the huff and puff of running
no more excuses

I found a cool running app that has a gps and tracks how far/ how long
it took you to run! 
and tells you how many cals yah burned.
it looks like this:
it's called sports tracker
I like it so far.
ha I've used it once.
 Go ahead, go grab it!

anddddd a cool app just for your abs!
some lady tells you what to do and you listen/watch her

and in only a matter of time, your abs are supes toned!
it looks like this:
it's called ab workouts free
it's not baby stuff, I def took a few breaks.
and when I say a few, I mean a lot.

does anyone know of any other good running apps?


p.s. I got words with friends.
I need usernames, peeps!
let's play. now.


  1. What is that app called? I have Nike Training one, but it sucks up a lot of memory and also I don't like it because I'm into running now.

  2. GOOD. now lets go running. ps. scandalous shirt.

  3. I wish I knew of some cool running apps, but, I'm lazy and pregnant. soooo, yeah. Not much running going on over here:-) Or abs. Can't wait to work out like normal again though! xoxo

  4. words with friends!? o girl it is on! my sn is should get hangin with friends too! it's so much fun!

    AlphabetSoup Style

  5. totally downloading those two apps!!! perfect! thanks!



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