So Celest, from ABC soup, and I decided to add some fashion to our bloggys.
Disclaimer: I'm not fashionable.
just an FYI so when you read this and wonder where my fashion went, you don't sit there in confusion
She is a cute little lady who knows whazzzup!
SO we're calling it twos-day.
hah supes clever!
and we're letting y'all link up!
Weather it's just you or you and your blog friend or you and tu madre
or whateves, link it.

Shirt: thrifted jeans: f21 Belt: Junky Trunk boutique

So yes, I say the shirt is thrifted.
Here's how I thrifted it.
One lovely evening I was out on a run. 
[Believe it or not.]
And I saw a grey shirt crumpled up in a heap on my way.
I passed it.
On my way back, I saw it again.
So I decided to adopt it.
and don't worry, I've washed it a few times before actually wearing it.
so it was free thrifting.
lucky me. I feel like a hobo


now, link up if yah wanna. :)

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