So yesterday was the annual
and when I say annual I mean weekly
visit to G&G's!
and when I say G&G I mean Grandma and Grandpa's house
Cam, Andrea, roommate Rachel, and I all walked in on the fam
having a crazy game of coodie.
Don't make me splain how to play, just imagine it being pretty much 
like Bunko. 
minus the prizes.

I got 5 points.
Good, right?
Aunt Kristy got 11.
a true coodie vet right there.
I liked to make my coodie's cuties though.
Made me feel a little better for only getting 5 points in a game of LUCK
not skill. Luck only.

Following Coodie, the G-children, Rachey, and myself found ourselves in a very intense
game of mafia.
Game #2 was the best yet.
I was a detective, Cam an Angel, and Andrea on our alliance.
Pretty much I should be a lawyer,
A. I'm good at arguing (yes, it's a skill)
B. I sniffed out all the mafia.
I could totes do that in real life.
And Cam is just a sweet little angel all day airy day

In other news, 
The favorite G-child list  that hangs on G&G's fridge
went under a drastic change.
2 actually.

as you can CLEARLY see, 
Trent and Rachel BOTH aren't even legitimate G-children.
yet they're the new faves.
Well, Trent was the fave for a few weeks until
Rachel stole the coveted place from us all.
I may be the only one that cares about this, but I wanted to share anyways.
Have  a happy Monday!
and happy First day of School to you BYUers 

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  1. those are perhaps the cutest drawings i have ever seen. (:


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