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crafting is love.

so I've been crafting.
I've probs spent enough time at hobby lobby to live there
and D.I. has its hidden treasures as well

I'm making this:

but with colors to match my house 
aka I'm making 3 of these, different sizes.
one tiffany box blue colored one
and two strawberry red ones.
I want to hang the three from the ceiling pretty much a few inches apart
and different hanging lengths
I'm not sure if it'll be cute yet. It just popped into my head! 

My lovely friend, Kari, made this and posted it on her fb
obv stealing that brilliant idea
but once again, my frames will be tiffany box blue & red
I painted the frames today anddddd
I'm pretty sure I'm high from the paint fumes that are floating around the apartment
andddd I didn't get carded for buying paint in a spray paint like can

and lastly, gerber daisy magnets!
these babies sit right on the fridge to hang things and look supes cute!
I got this idea from my old roomie, Sadie.
so many smarties I get to steal from
and I love a good cutsie craft project.
if you know of any, hook a sistah up!
thanks, kids! 

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