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Hair advise, please

So I highlight my hair.
with bleach.
I know, all you hair stylists probs already know where I'm getting at
I feel like my hair is getting dryer as I continue to keep up the coloring
and usage of heat.
What are the best shampoos, conditioners (including leave-in), iron protect products, 
and hair masques, etc etc etc

would YOU recommend to help my poor hair gain some moisture again?
I currently use:

Chi 44 iron guard, moroccan oil and
beyond zone turn up the heat

I know they help some, but I think it's time to retire these vets
and bring on the new kids.
any other hair tips are encouraged.
any hair styles you do that don't require heat, share em!
google can only provide me with so much
I need your personal faves, those are the ones I trust the most
Thank you in advance you smartie hair prodigies, you


  1. I have the same problem too. I have naturally frizzy/dry hair which I torch with my flat iron. I heard that doing weekly hot oil treatments is good to moisturize the hair. I have yet to find a good treatment though, but just an fyi.

  2. I'm obsessed with this kind of stuff. Also, I stalk you.

    Fekkai's Advanced Shampoo is great. Aveda is really great. Pantene makes some deece ones, too. Moroccan Oil is the best thing you could do, so yeah. also, Aussie makes a hair masque (that's totally spelled wrong) that's pretty great.

  3. oh man. all I gotta say is I LOOOOOVE moroccan oil! It saved my hair in more ways than I can ever appreciate. Never retire that stuff

  4. 1 st my hair is just below my waist & I've cut it a few times 2 donate it til I started bleaching it. Now, they don't want my hair. I've also fried it once b4. My favorite products are mane & tail shampoo, conditioner & leave in too. I also use potion 9 leave in conditioner. It is my FAVORITE product! (it's orange inside & smells like heaven). I also use a spray in conditioner on it called 7 seconds leave in detangler by unite eurotherapy. I know this is kinda long but, i'm obsessed with my hair! If I flat iron it I put a little biosilk on the frizzy parts & ends. Hope this helps!


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