Truth or Dare

So totes went camping on Friday with some kiddos from my ward.
Cousin Britt came with! It was great.
my fresh pedi didn't chip, but my feet got filthy
flip flops+ camping= bad idea. always.

Paul and I got smart and made 2 s'mores at once then broke it in half
took half the time to make 2
I thought we were clever
anyways, enough of stuff no one cares about
now to the Truth and Dare.
Aaron, Tim, Stacy, and I played truth or dare on my itouch 
aka it's called truth or dare roulette
you spin the wheel, choose your thing and do the deed
Stacy and Timmy got pretty close
it was the best.
nothing crazy, all of us were 95% tired aka everything was a lot more funny than it
needed to be.
but what happens at the camp fire, stays at the camp fire.

Our little group left at around 5am cause it was freezing outside,
the girl in tent I was going to stay in was 100% crabby
andddd my bed sounded a lot more appealing.
went home, slept, woke up, pool all day, then Britt and Kaesi's stake picnic.
free food, fun, etc.

and lastly, our family photo.
I'm marrying all of those boys.
I know what you're thinking,
who get's to go work and who gets to clean and take care of the youngins

well, they all do!


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