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So apparently in Provo it's supes cool to eat at the hospital
and once a month the lovely Provo hospital holds some fancy schmancy omelet day
guess what day it was today?!
Omelet day! 
Soooo I went with some peeps from the ward.
There were like 20 fillings to put inside it.
I choose like 2
sah good!

stole this photo from Dave who posted it on the FB

anyways, now I'm at worky and this is what I came up with:
work < blogging
obviously pretty boring of a job.
I talk to old people on the phone who can't hear me 99.9% of the time
or who woke up on the wrong side of the bed
there are some little ray of sunshine type people who are sweet as sugarcane
but hey, at least I got to upgrade to a phone made in this century!

I am sorry that I look 1/2 asleep
that's what waking up at the crack o' dawn for yummy omelets will do to yah!
worth it?


  1. uuhhh yeaaah. the hospital is the only way to go. they have the biggest most delicious corndogs i've ever eaten. trust me. so good.

  2. And also eating at the temple! Ahhhh I am from Provo well I just moved away as I graduated from BYU but aw this makes me miss it! And I never did eat at the hospital :) Haha. Now following your blog!

    Ashley Sloan


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