I took this picture last fall, in Arizona. 

Last night was the first night I actually had to wear a jacket 
and I was still freezing.
I think I am excited for fall
for cute jackets, cute clothes, and rosy cheeks [the face kind]
apparently Utah has "the best snow on earth"
personally, any snow is bad snow to me.
Aka Arizona= no snow down south in Gilbert
so this whole "best snow on earth" garbage needs to go.
I would appreciate the chilly weather minus the fluff
a. I have to learn to drive in snow
b. I'm a bad driver in any weather so snow is just another way to embarrass myself
c. Snow= black ice= bad news.

BUT not everything about snow is bad.

I've lived in snow once.
aka back when I went to BYUI for that chilly winter semester last year

I'm not shore how the snow here differs but:
I loved how it looked like glitter as it floated to the ground

And it was powdery
and the snowflakes were big!
I think. I don't have anything to really compare it to I suppose
but there you have it.
Fall leaves=chilly=snow.
simple maf.

See, this post  and this post shows what I do like about snow

Oh, p.s. I'm hosing a PRC giveaway over here
hurry and enter! :)

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  1. Snow is overrated! haha! I live in Alaska. We'll have snow by the end of the month.

    Also, it's my bday month so I'm hosting a week of giveaways on the blog
    new giveaway each day! :)
    (sorry for the spamish comment, just trying to spread the word)


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