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Jersey Sunday and a birfday boy!

 Yesterday, it was jersey Sunday.
I'm not shore who decided it, but it happened.

At ward prayer, we gathered up airy one who was participating
in Jersey Sunday and took a photo to document
I don't care who/where you are
if it's Sunday, you wear a jersey
It's okay that you might have maybe possibly missed yesterdays memo
but next week, it's jersey time
so spread the jersey love and do it!
plus, they're supes totes comfy
and I wuv a comfy jersey dress thing

in other news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brothy, Camaron
aka Camie
aka Camera
aka Cammoron
aka Cam-tastic (that one's fresh)

[that's us]

He's the BIG 2-3!
Now he can finally graduate out of pull-ups
go CAM :)
[I tried to find the clip for that for you but it's nowhere to be seen]

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  1. aw, what a sweet post! and jersey sunday looks like so much fun! love all the pictures!
    xo TJ


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