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a peak into my head

What has been on the brain lately:
disclaimer: this post is meant to sort out my thoughts.

School- I had my heart set on dental hygiene school, then hair, and this morning
POOF dental hygiene has popped on the brain once again.
why DH- it's smart, I love science and those sort of classes,
it's a good mama job [for when I become one]
I want to learn new things and have that schooly learny feeling
I love it.
why not hair- I know hair is always a good job
but in my case, I don't feel like it would be challenging for me to learn
I know it'd have its obstacles and I'm sure there are some difficult
aspects to learning everything about hair
I just want to challenge myself I know I'd like
working in a dental office and going to school for it
I've taken a few prerequisite classes for it and I liked the challenge it gave me
but who knows, tomorrow my mind might change yet again

Apartment- is great and all but I have some messy roommates.
not all of them, just some and I feel like me and another girl have
become the maids.
Any ideas how to address this without causing conflict?
I'm no clean freak, I just like a clean and organized apartment.
I want people to feel comfortable when they come over
not like they're entering a filthy cave.


Dating in general- I feel a weird pressure to go get myself married
but I don't want to do that quite yet.
I swear every 20 year old I meet is engaged/married up here.
so I feel like well I'm 20, what's the deal?
But then I remember I'm not ready for that sorta thing yet
and I remember that I'm still supes young
and have my whole life to be married
so no rush!
I think that pressure comes with living in Provo, Utah.

Anyways, those three topics have been floating around the brain lately.
Call me crazy
wait, don't really.
I just wanted to write that stuff down and maybe some of you can relate?
have a beautiful Thursday and a happy weekend :)


  1. maybe with messy room mates suggesting a day like friday for everyone to spend 30-45mins cleaning up? each person could take an area or jobs. it's always easier cleaning when everyone's doing it together.

  2. I love love love the picture of the nails and the bubbles.
    As for all that other stuff- just be happy with where you are and who you are and the rest will come naturally.

  3. hi there!
    i haven't lived in an appartment with other people and having to clean (we were so lucky it was included!) but most of my friends do and they have chore charts! maybe only one of them had the idea and the others went with it. it's easy to put all days of the week and something different to clean for a month, rotating the chores so they don't get boring!
    and about getting married... man, 20 is super young. don't feel rushed if people around you do something different, just do what you feel is right! i think that's a big commitment and 20 is maybe too young to make the right decision for some people! :) like me! hahaha

  4. I agree with Marjorie, that way no one will feel like theyre being picked on. =) Hopefully that'll help! And dont worry about being married. I'm 25 & I have a long term boyfriend & many people from high school are married & have kiddies, I'm in no rush! hahah,.

  5. in one of my apartments, we didn't have a chore chart, but we did have a chart where we tallied when something had been done. so if you were messy and didn't do anything, it was real obvious, and it was awkward.

    so everyone cleaned. :)

  6. I love your blog, girl! I feel pressure because I'm not dating anyone, too. But I just tell myself I'm waiting for an awesome guy to come around!


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