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Park City= party

So Last weekend Cuzzies, Camdrea, G-parents, and I played in Park City.
becauseeeee my Grandparents have a timeshare in Park city.
sweet, right?
-All crammed into one room to sleep because we wanted to
while watching "how to train your dragon"

and when I say watching, I mean everyone else
the second the movie was turned on, I closed my eyes.
sleepy time!

Next, we took every photo opportunity available.

we made a joke about posing next to that trash can.
clearly, it was no joke
because as you can see, trash= star of photo

Then after many other photo opps, we stopped at Davanza's for some grubsies.

supes totes delish!

-nextttt it was trolly time!

And of course, we took the trolly to check out the outlets!
There were so many cute boutiques.
If you're ever there, check out olive and tweed.
soooo cute!
We stopped at a tourist shop
and found these Punny ski/snowboarding  shirts.

Thennnnnnn we went to the olymipan center place and watched some
sicky sicky gnarr gnarr olympians
do their tricks

thennn headed home!
Oh, but not without the oh so classic jumping picture.
don't chew worry.

p.s. giveaway ends Friday, peeps!


  1. Ha! Guess what! My parents have a time share in Park City too and guess what! They're going there next week!! And that means I am visiting them! ;)

  2. LOVE!! and don't you worry cause i definitely fell asleep three seconds into the movie :)


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