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Weekend Highlights

no schmerk!
helped film another video with the brothy and sisty and friends
King Henry back to school par-tee.
[yes, all the tools showed up!! so cool.]
sleepy time.

worky work.
wait for 999 sports games to be over so T and I could go on our d8 nite.
we went to this delish crepe place.
obv wanna go back again. preferably right naw.
then to the nickel city.
aka nickelcade forever it will be always to me.
won like a million tickets
[give or take]
got our prizes
and watched some Harry Potter
numbre six.

Strawberry and Nutella Crepes

sleep in 
churchy church
then ate dinner at Camdrea's
[Cam-Andrea= Camdrea= bro&sis(inlaw)]
Play games.
and when I say play, I mean catch up with those 
darn Kardashian sisters.
[yup, didn't even have to spell check Kardashian]
We watched like 3 episodes.
each one got better and better
then sleep.

Happy Monday to all!

oh ps, enjoy 25% off of all PRC merch!
clickity click!

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  1. that sounds like a fun weekend. especially the crepe part. mmmmm.


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