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top ten for October.

Top ten loves of this month.
1. This lovely use of layering.
come awn, someone tell me this isn't cute.
[but dont really, please. My bubble refuses to be burst.]

I made this myself to express my excitement.
I don't know why I'm so excited to be Luna Lovegood. 
I don't even think it's healthy
oh well!

3. Fall leaves.
I took this photo many falls ago in my Arizona home.

4. Pizzookies 
circular pizza sized cookie, well... maybe smaller than a pizza
85-90% of the way baked
topped with fresh hand scooped ice cream
Rachel and I have made 2 of these babies
in the past 2 days...

5. I'm listing to Christmas music as of yesterday.
I know, you all hate people like me
but Christmas music just makes me so happy!
it's cheery and lovely.
Take a gander:

6. The bi-polar weather.
Hence, I can wear cute jackets one day
and shorts the next!
It's like the weather can't decide to be winter or summer yet.
[dear Mama Nature, please choose summer forever]

7. pumpkins!
I love carving them!
Well. I'm not good at it
but it's still supes totes fun!

8. all the fall decorations.
come awn!
Have you SEEN pinterest lately?
Talk about fall explosion!
Wreath tutorials= faves.

9. Bugs are peacing out.
We had about 9999 mosquitos these past few months
and now they're pretty much headin elseware for the winter
go bugs!

10. Hot Chocolate.
Haunted Houses.
etc etc etc.

Anyone else make top 10 lists lately?
Lemme at em!


  1. That layering is DARLING {no bubble bursting coming from this end}. Also, such a great idea to be Luna! My bff is going all out with Bellatrix

  2. Nice staples!

    Fashion Blogger

  3. I love it all! And I wish I could make a good luna, but I'll leave that up to people like you who will make AWESOME luna's! Seriously! I may be Hermione though. :)

  4. I adore that layering! Would never think to do that! :) I can't believe you captured that amazing fall shot in Arizona! That's hard stuff!

  5. Layering is awesome. Always.
    Luna Lovegood. Umm. She's eldritch - let's just keep it at that. But your look for her is woah!

    I love the sound of those cookies! Yum!


  6. Absolutely love the layering! Pumpkins are definitely one of my fall favorites, too.

  7. hi love!
    thanks for updating me

    the new button is up


  8. i love everything about this post. so great. i can't wait for halloween.

    - rach.

  9. Pizzookies sound incredible! yummm

  10. Anyone who uses supes and totes in the same sentence is my kind of girl. :)
    I love love love lists. Sometimes, I get worried that I use them far too often on my blog. I could probably write a list every day, but I show some self-restraint.

  11. i'm a fan of your blog. love this post, fall is the best. and you have great style.

  12. LOVE the layering. LOVE pazookies. LOVE pumpkins. LOVE everything about this post. LOVE your blog. The End. :)


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