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BYU Homecoming game!

fake smiles > real smiles

So dis Saturday was the BYU homecoming game!
Do I even like football?
I do like going to the games and chattin up a storm
and if I cheer hard enough, I sometimes trick myself into kinda sorta liking football
it's sweet!
The game was pretty chilly and I brought no jacket.
Being from Arizona, where jackets are necessary only for the sole purpose of cuteness, 
it didn't cross my mind.
But being extra warm blooded because of Arizona, my goosebumps went wild.
But it's coo, cause every other wise person that went brought extra jackets.
probs for peeps like me!
Anyways, BYU kicked some trash and won that sucker
Best/favorite part of game days?
I get to wear a jersey to Brick oven
instead of a tie!

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  1. Woohoo go Cougars ;-) Haha I always forget to bring a jacket... thats why we have boys right? Ha!


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