Haunted Circus

So last Saturday me and some  kiddies went to the haunted circus! You do the math- clowns, dark rooms, haunted. Yeah. It was awesome! I have a hard time getting scared easily [when I'm with people, if I'm alone, I have to turn on every single light to not be scared] Anyways, we all pretty much peed our pants. Multiple times. It was really well done I think! I made sure I was scared. I paid $20 for that thing! I better be scared.

Anyways, after, we headed over to one of the girls houses, Erica, to watch When a stranger calls. Peed my pants. Once again. [disgusting] Rachel and I shared a seat and totes clung to each other the whole entire time. I never thought I'd be able to sleep again. And then I went home a fell asleep in .1 second. Theory=busted!

and p.s. I made a blog design page with rates and everything! Feel free to check it out when you have a quick second. I loveeeee feedback :)


  1. Ahhh! We went to the haunted forest. I didn't think I could do the circus...good to know you made it through alive!

  2. cute pictures! I hate being scared so I hardly ever watch horror movies! But I did go to a haunted house once and it freaked me out..I haven't gone back to one since :)

  3. hahaha! You're so funny. :)I wouldn't be caught dead at that haunted circus. I pass it all the time and get shivers every time. Yuck... :P

  4. this looks like so much fun
    we wanted to go to a hunted house
    before october is over.. hopefully
    we make it ...

    i am gonna go check out your
    blog designs now :D

    happy tuesday love


  5. So did they offer you a job there? Cause you totes fit in.

  6. i love your outfit and braid! $20 bucks?! wowo. glad you feel like you got your money's worth. ;) lol
    fun times! i blogged about my weekend too. you know where to find me... ;)

  7. ha ha ha! how fun! :) You look so cute btw!

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  10. Oh that looks like so much fun...I mean it looks so scary ;P
    That clown is so adorable :D

  11. looks like so much fun. I have actually never been to a haunted house :( I know right??

    have a wonderful wednesday!!
    Classic & Bubbly

  12. ha, it's so true. scary movies have you scared all the way up until you tuck your head up onto your pillow. then you instantly pass out. probably from all that fast adrenaline, ha
    xo TJ


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