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I love this time.

So this is the time of my life right now I decided
-just working and living in Provo
-planning on applying to EFY this summer
-applying to BYU for the spring
-no high-stress bills [ just low-stress ones ;) ]
-Family all around Utah 
-Having the opportunity to date a wonderful person 
-attempting to build my online handmade accessories business
-getting so much support from everyone while I build it up [thank you!!!]
This past Sunday in my relief society class, the teacher taught about happiness.
It's pretty much what you make it.

if you decide to be happy, you will be!
It really taught me that I need to have that state of mind always

If I'm upset, it doesn't make anyone around me feel happiness
and I want to try to be more like that ray of sunshine that brightens the day of others.
I know it will take time to train myself to always be in that state of happiness
but it will come.
and I will love my life and myself always, and the little things will be growth opportunities
instead of things that might otherwise bring me down.
I'm not saying I'm not a happy person, I'm actually a very happy person
I just need to work on having that positive outlook
all the time and finding the good inside of the bad always.
have a happy Tuesday :)


  1. I'm ALL about making life what you want it to be. It really does work. Glad to see someone else share my enthusiasm =)

    - Sarah

  2. i love reading this post! you seem so sweet. best of luck with everything. i loved what you said about happiness. it's a great reminder.

  3. Wait....I am applying to be an EFY counselor this summer too.......why do you do all of the cool things too?!?!??!? Just trickin'. ;)

  4. Beautiful thought! :) We can be happy if we CHOOSE to be. Others will be happy if we exemplify happiness! :)

  5. Such a good reminder to focus on the positive! It's so easy to get bogged down in complaining about things that don't really matter.

  6. That's really inspiring! keep the positive vibe

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    Twitter- @thestyleflux


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