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Just so you know

I am now taking orders for anything blog design! I made some rates that I feel are very inexpensive and totes reasonable :) Take a trip to this page to check them out! If you have any orders/questions, email me at kah_andace@yahoo.com

Now go start off your Friday with some lovely Justin Bieber Christmas music and melt.


  1. so i have a slight secret obsession with jb after being dragged against my will to see the movie. so this just made my day :)

  2. Ha ha biebs! Christmas is fast approaching....nuts!

  3. Boo! The video isn't working. I would go find it elsewhere, but I cannot bring myself to willing look up a jb song...

  4. Hi Candance!! Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog this week! You have such a lovely blog and I will have to keep you in mind for any blog design needs I have in the future! Thanks girl! ~Bri~

  5. love me the songs baby and you smile:) so does my bro, haha:)
    aw boo, wish i had some money so you could come design my blog! :)

    i'm having another GiVeAwAy candace:) southernpinky.blogspot.com


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