Roomie Love.

Just so everyone knows, I LOVE MY ROOMIE
aka Rachel
aka Raquel
aka she may be leaving me soon to go explore the world
and every single day I try to talk her out of it.
Just wanted to tell that to the world
aka the 5 people who still read my blog.
and I thank you for that :)

Also, since I quit my second job as a hiring manager
I have more free time. 
Todayy Rachel and I:
+ran 3ish miles
+swam/laid outside and girl talked it uppp
+got all prettyish
+ went grocery shopping so I stop living off spray cheese and quackers
+made this DELISH sammy 
+attended FHE
+and beat everyone at extreem spoons.
competitive juices were over flowin.
no plunger could unclog that flow.
okay, sorry for weird/gross analogies.
I need sleep.

go enter this badboy before it's gone!
aka a giveaway
aka free stuff. word.


  1. I'm so in love with your blogging-style dear, really unique and lovely post :))

    one thing, could you please please do me a favour and vote for me by liking my photo on this link :)

    It really means a lot to me :) puss puss and huggs from <3 <3

  2. Thanks for stoppin gby my blog today!!! The lasagna IS awesome, it was just wayyyy too late to eat it last night....yums for dinner tonight:) Happy to follow your blog Sweets!!

    Statements in Fashion

  3. AW! I cried when I moved out of my roommate's place to go live it Italy, so I feel for you AND Rachel.

  4. I've never had a roomie (other than my hubs after we got hitched) I went straight from home to the hubs. I think it would have been fun to experience though. So sad your roomie is leaving =(

    BTW I'm guest posting about mommy fashion over at The Short and the Sweet of It this morning. You should stop by if you get a second =)

    - Sarah

  5. i just love your little blog!! obsessed actually. Thanks for finding me, i am now following!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  6. HEY HUN!

    your button is already on my page
    are you putting mine up?

    i hope you are having a lovely


  7. Awww that suchs about your roomie, just tie her up as soon as she gets ready to leave!

  8. hey! i just discovered your blog and i really like it!!!
    check out mine and maybe we could follow each other!

  9. I still read your blog and love It : ) and those pictures are really cute!!!

  10. AWW! Friends!!! Um.. does anyone else think she looks like Selena Gomez??? She does!

    Janette, the Jongleur


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