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Funny story time.

So here's some food for thought. K I just wanted to say "food for thought" Here's actually a funny story.  SO, yes I work at Brick Oven, but I also work... at....a.... (get ready to think less of me) tanning salon! Yup. went there. Anyways, all of my shifts were given away this week!! Well, they had up to Wednesday planned.

 So I called yesterday to see if I work at all after Wednesday and I was told everyone needs to come in today to re-interview. Pretty much I think it's funny I only knew that because I called and who knows if I would have been told otherwise. Pretty much I just barely got hired a month ago. Pretty much I think it's really funny everyone has to reinterview. Pretty much I may be the only one who thinks that's funny. And pretty much I won't even be terribly sad if I'm not re-hired. But wish me luck anyways, please. haaa.
Now please enjoy this photo of you:


  1. that sucks
    they are totally wasting your time
    :( you should get something better
    that gives you better hours love


  2. I understand about hours being given away. SO DUMB. But I hope it went well for you!!! :)

    xo. chelsea


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