2.5 days.

2.5 days till: I'm HOME. Finally.
 It's been an eventful week here in Utah. I hit a parked car. Get the giggles out while I explain, I hit the side of their bumper because there was some ice on my windshield I guess I thought I could magically see through. So I left a note telling them how to contact me. Good idea: Being honest Bad idea: Hitting the car of some girl whose dad is psycho. Needless to say, after I was screamed at for 6 minutes over the phone, I decided to let my insurance peeps talk to this freak. 
It's been crazy not having him here to talk to and cuddle and smooch. Yup. went der.
Basically Arizona is the best place in the entire world. Not biased at all. 

Last night Cam and Andrea played mom and dad. Aka they let me cry and listened to my story as of late. BEST BROTHER and SISTY [in law] EVER!!! Thank you!
They even got me off my rump and we went to the grocery store to get banana split things to make, b-splits!

We ate and ate while we enjoyed some good ole' youtube humor. Exhibit A:


  1. So my brother likes watching Julian Smith, a LOT, but I never saw that he was so funny.

    This one seems funnier, for some reason :) Cool :) Thanks :)

  2. HA HA! Who hasn't hit someone's car? I pulled into a parking spot once and thought "oh I can make that". Nope, I couldn't. She flipped out!! At least you got ice cream out of it!

    New follower! XO



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