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Gingerbread houses. Take 2.

First of all, why do I keep calling them gingerbread houses?
 1. it's graham crackers 
and 2. they're more like graham cracker apartments. Or almost houses. The ones I make are never the normal house you'd see on your block. They're the ones you'd see that are almost done being constructed. 

Anyways, graham cracker houses were made at FHE. Not my Family Home Evening, but cousin Britt's. 

Yup. As you can see, I made so many excuses to put my favorite candies on this baby. An oreo pathway. Not at all logical, but a perfect reason for oreos. A reese's pieces roof. Never could happen, but I love reese's pieces. So I made it happen. If you could see the inside, you would see the three (and a half) handfulls of reese's pieces and a few oreos I stowed in there for safe keeping. I built smart, if I do say so myself. This will be the best 3 pounds I ever gain.


  1. So cute! I love decorating gingerbread houses :)

  2. food storage! it's completely logical :)

  3. brilliant. my sisters and i TOTALLY grew up stuffing our grahm cracker houses full of our favorite candy!! haha :) And now i'm craving reeces pieces...

  4. can i steal an oreo :D?
    please please?


  5. Lovely!


  6. awww.... Cutest graham cracker house ever!

    So sweet! The hubby & I are gonna attempt to make one this weekend.. we always fail when we try. Just cant get it right, lol.

    Just thought i'd stop by and say how much I love your headbands!

    Do you ship to BC? LOL

    Talk soon, doll <3

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And yes, I live in Nashville, TN, and I love it! You should stop by next time you're close by :)

    P.S. LOVE decoarting gingerbread houses! That is awesome!

  8. great job!!! it looks tasty:)

  9. These are great! We make graham cracker houses every year and now, because of your pics, I am officially excited to make this year's houses. :)

  10. I love making gingerbread houses! It's always tricky "gluing" the sides of house together! Super cute!


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