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I realize this.

Okay so I realize I spelt writer wrong in my new header. Just so everyone knows that I know. I also realized that there were probs a majority of you who didn't even notice it. And I just pointed it out [you're welcome] I'll totes go fix that l8r dogs. But kinda didn't feel like it right naw. 
Anyways, I just wanted y'all to know what I knew so you wouldn't think I didn't know and think I was some dumb chick who can't even spell writer. And who googled it a few minutes ago because it looked wrong. Because I totes didn't just do that [I did]
Happy Friday :) 

P.s. check out this video. I totes rap J. beibs "Drummer Boy" #decent

ALSO if we have agreed to swap buttons for this month, and yours is not up, email me this instant! lately my email has literall become a black hole. I open an email just so it stops popping up on my itouch. terrible. unprofessional. more ways to degrade myself. end scene.


  1. Hi love =)

    TAGGGGGGG ♥ you are it
    go check out my blog
    =) Get in the Christmas spirit

    love ya
    ♥ melina

  2. i hadn't previously agreed to do a button swap with you, but i would love to! I will email you.

  3. I just wrote their when I should have written there in a blog post so no judgement here!

  4. I don't want to sound like a grammar freak, but since you brought it up, "anyways" isn't technically a word. "anyway" is. Cool! Don't be hatin, just thought you'd like to know! Love!

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  6. I've made a mistake in my header too, lol
    Suppose to be Son up to son down.
    totally wrote Son up to 'sun' down.


  7. btw, I am snagging one of your buttons! :)

  8. i love the biebs!!! everyone spells stuff wrong sometimes :)


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