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It's getting chilly.

So guess what? 
It's getting chill-ay up in Provo! Like supes chilly. Ha.
for example:
 1.When I yawn (outside), my breath literally catches and freezes in my throat.
2. Our apartment is 72 degrees and it's still freezing due to the outside chill seeping in here every time an outside door is opened.
3. I actually had to scrape my windshield last week. With a credit card! Because this chick doesn't own a snow scrapper. 
4. The tiny amount of snow that fell last week that should have melted is still sitting outside! Not because it's snowed again, but because the highs the weather looks something like this:

Anyways, it's not all bad. Since I usually forget a coat OR just wear something light, expecting it to not be freezing cold outside, 
Pretty schweet, eh?


  1. yeah this whole provo getting cold, like really cold, is not something that i'm a fan of. it looks so nice out all the time that i think a swearshirt or a light jacket will be fine and then halfway to school i'm FREEZING.

  2. How I wish we had snow in Australia!!! :) Love your blog btw.

  3. it is super cold here too!
    i am freezing at 6 in the morning
    when i leave to work

    stay warm love

    ♥ melina

  4. OMG that sounds terrible! We have been really lucky recently (like as in it was 65 degrees when I decorated my tree last Saturday) but the last couple of days the cold has finally showed up out of nowhere here in DC.

    XO Stay warm!

  5. I will take this chill over the snow fall any day! haha At least we have avoided that so far right?!

  6. it's super cold here too... damn! i hate it! but this is norway so...

  7. I shudder every single time I look at the weather. It's way too cold outside. I'm surprised snow actually stuck around you though. I'm right by the smiths and no snow. pretty much ever.

  8. i'm so happy i stumbled across your blog -- it's lovely!!

    Oh - Fancy That.

  9. Thank you for your post! N's Designs blog will be up soon! I love your headers and buttons. Would love to speak with you more about designing a blog layout for me! talk soon!

  10. I totally would not have a snow scraper if someone else hadn't bought it for me.


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