400. I lied.

Okay. okay okay okay.
I lied. big time. Ready for the background story? K go!

Once upon a time, I thought peeps might pay to sponsor me. When I advertised, everyone went straight to the free 100x100 guy and that was that. No one wanted to buy anything. haha It literally made me laugh. I believe I started thinking it would be sweet to try to charge prematurely. So, my fellow bloggers, sponsoring is 100% free for Feb. If you have already sent me a 100x100 button, you are an absolute gem! But for everyone {even you early birds} please send me a button 200x100. You can email that little guy on over to kahandace{at}gmail{dot}com.

My only rule is you need to send me the button code. Last month I re-sized quite a few of them. Not as fun as it looks {does it even look fun?} And I request that we have a similar readership {ex: 200 + followers}

Maybe i'll try this whole charging mess again in the far future. My reason to charge in the future is to earn some cash mon-ay to buy those ever so exclusive {and bank draining} spots on blogs like The Daybook.Therefore bringing new readers here and then them clicking my sponsors and making it a circle of happiness. 

If you have endless amounts of money and would like to pay for a spot {even though they're free, and let's face it, it didn't happen on round 1} just let me know! I won't argue with you. 

Oh! And happy day to yesterday- I reached 400 followers. woo! Thank you to all of you lovely readers, I absolutely adore each and every comment and all of you! Thank you for all of your inspiration and tips :)



  1. Good luck finding paying sponsors! :)
    I noticed that your followers had gone down to 399 again, so I clicky clicked. :)

  2. four hundred followers...and beyond!


  3. kay wait candance... you are sooo cute too! i love your blog and more importantly i love that you have your own shop. nothing makes me HAPPIER than seeing people go out and do their dreams. :) stay true to who you are girl and let your light shine! loves xoxo


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