The Arizona Post.

Please enjoy this title wave of photos. Thanks ;) 

Arizona is a great place. We laughed, we cried, we gained 5 pounds. Christmas was ah-mazing (as usual) 
New Years consisted of T and I going to a new years "party" and realizing it wasn't even fun. Being with family= way more fun. We had some grape bubbly, lit fire works, watched our neighbors light the illegal fire works. Good time.

We went to the lovely Mesa Temple & visitors center. The lights were so pretty! So many to admire and so much to see! I love that temple oh so much!

T and I played with Brielle (the niece) non stop! I've said it once and I'll say it again= I'm obsessed with that baby girl. She's the cutest thing this world has ever encountered. 

We ate lots of Ocean Blue fro yo, compliments to muh girl, Shaney.

We watched a few sports games, aka rose bowl and some other lesser name ones I can't recall. 

But anyways, it was a much needed visit. Full of magical things like home cooked meals and a mama and dad to kiss goodnight. 

Love you, family!



  1. awe what a lovely christmas :)

  2. Love the pictures!!! Esp the one with your Dad and the lemon?? Glad it was what you needed :)

  3. i love the sperry and feet pic <3

  4. Family time is the best! Looks like a good Christmas!

  5. SUch a blessing to have a family you have so much fun with! :) Glad you enjoyed your time in AZ!

  6. thank you for sharing your special memories! :) hope you have a great day! if you can, please check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration :)


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