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I have a vision.

I want to make that. I think it's the most beautiful duvet cover I have ever laid my eyes upon and I need it. Does mustard yellow and a gray sound hawt or nawt? I imagine it cute, but hey, what do I know? I'm just a kid! Now. I'm in the market for a sweet sewing machine to make crafts and such like the above but I'm clueless on what ones are the best! I usually do free hand stuff, aka kid stuff. Anyways, once I get a machine, I will march my bum over to Hobby Lobby, get lotsa fabric, and start this duvet cover!
Wish me luck!


  1. do it gray
    and get your sheets
    mustard yellow

    great combination!

    Melina ♥

  2. I was just looking through my blog comments (so classy) and saw that you commented many moons ago...so here I am! I'm excited to read your blog! Also, it looks like you live in Provo...I hope someday I have the awkward experience of seeing you around and/or having you walk past me when I'm reading your blog. ha.

  3. love it.

    they actually have some great sewing machines via craigslist and ksl. little old ladies that don't want it anymore.

  4. that bedcover is truly amazing! good luck, would love to see the finished produce when you succeed:)


  5. OH I love these duvets too! :) I cannot wait to see the end product!!

  6. I love my Brother one. I actually got it on sale at walmart for $60.00


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