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Just yo average goals post

So i realize everyone in this world of blogging has posted their goals. Well lookie here, this girl is going to hop right onto that bandwagon right away.

1. Run. yeah yeah yeah. I know what you're thinking. But seriously, I want to make a realistic goal of running 2 times a week. At least. But ideally 3-4 times a week. kapow!

2. Be happy. Don't stress. I started this silly thing after graduating that I need to stress about everything. and turn baby things into huge balls of stress. Why do I do this? I will never know. I hate it and it needs to end today. So my be happy goal is to carry around a little baby notebook with me and whenever I have a stressful thought, write it down and write how I can solve it simply so I don't turn it into a black hole of scary. Also to carry around another baby notebook and fill it with positive thoughts.

3. Work in a dental office as a dental assistant. A goal I will try to achieve so hard! Any advise?

4. Become a professional blogger. You heard me. My sister, Tani, and I had some good blogging convos this visit and she inspired me to try hard to do it. Tips are encouraged and more than welcome!

5. Work on my blog design business. Grow it and learn more about how design works and how I can improve.

So there you have it. Some big goals I will achieve this year. I welcome you with open arms, 2012. 


  1. I love the idea about he notebook and writing down your worries. Great idea!

    Dont forget bout my giveaway (:

  2. I'm with you on the running thing!! At least 2 times and eventually work my way up!!! and I'm still a newby at blogging but i get better with practice!! Great goals to keep for 2012 =)

  3. I hope all of this works out for you. :) I know running is a difficult thing...I fell off the bandwagon and I always end up doing this! It's frustrating but I think we both can start running again!

    Also I hope you can get a job and start up your blog designing full-time or well part-time (you're getting that dental assistant job, remember?). Good luck with everything!

  4. Running = good goal :) I've missed your blog! Cute new design :) x

  5. i'm pretty sure the entire female population turns "baby" stresses into "big balls of stress" i consider myself a "stress pro." you're not alone! i think we're all that way :) my new years goal is to not stress about the uncontrollable. we'll see how i do. good luck with yours!

  6. Love these goals! :) I need to get into running! I love my workouts but always try to avoid the running.....thanks for reminding me! Yay for journaling!

  7. hey, why dont you post a post about your arizona trip?! that way i can stalk you and see what is going on in your life away from mine. miss you. love you. cant w8 to see you tomorrow. and erry day after that.

  8. Those are some good goals! It will be fun to see you achieve them via blogging!

  9. Great goals. I love that professional blogger idea!

  10. Love your goals this year! I've committed to run three times a week, too. Now the hard part...sticking to it!

    Instead of doing a bunch of different resolutions other than that one, I jumped on the 'one word' bandwagon this year & chose the word BOLD to live out for 2012. I'm excited to see where it leads me!

    happy new year. hope you have a wonderful 2012!

  11. hey!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!(: I'm now following you!


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